Tiny mum leaves people stunned after posing with her huge twin daughters

A young mother has shared her unexpected experience after posting a video of herself holding her twin daughters online.

Alexis LaRue, 22, became an internet sensation when she proudly posed with her seven-month-old twins, leaving viewers in awe of their size. However, some accused her of overfeeding the girls, both weighing 21lbs, leading Alexis to share a video of her weighing the babies to prove their healthy size.

Before her pregnancy, Alexis, who hails from Minneapolis–Saint Paul in Minnesota, USA, weighed 108lbs (49kg) and stood at 5’3″ tall. However, by 38 weeks into her pregnancy, she had reached 180lbs (82kg).

In March, she gave birth to her baby girls, Camila weighing 6lbs 6oz and Elena arriving just a minute later at 6lbs 7oz.

Alexis with her bottle-fed twins Camila and Elena
Twins Camila and Elena

At nearly seven months old, the adorable twins have already tripled their birth weight, each weighing almost 21lbs.

Alexis explained, “They really seem to enjoy trying new foods. Whenever I eat something, they always stare at me as if they’re waiting for me to share.”

Alexis discovered she was pregnant with her fiancé Leo Mejia, 23, when she was 21 years old, and she was overjoyed.

“Becoming a mother was my ultimate goal in life, so I was incredibly excited when it became a reality,” she shared. “During my first ultrasound at just six weeks, we saw two little sacs on the screen. With no twins in our families, it was a complete shock, but it was also incredibly thrilling.”


Alexis, a stay-at-home mom, added, “In the twin community, it’s quite common to expect babies to be around 5lbs or less. I had already bought preemie-sized clothes, as I thought they would be very small. However, with a combined weight of almost 13lbs, the girls went straight into newborn-sized clothes and have been growing rapidly ever since.”

Camila and Elena now consume 6oz of baby formula every couple of hours and have recently started trying solid foods.

Dad Leo with twins Camila and Elena
Alexis with her big bottle fed twins Camila and Elena.

With their father, Leo, standing at 5’11”, the twins’ rapid growth to 2’5″ in just over half a year has surprised the family.

“They are above average in weight and height percentiles,” Alexis noted. “I find myself having to buy them new clothes frequently as they grow so quickly. At seven months, they can wear anything from 12 to 18 months clothing.”


To pass the time at home, Alexis began creating videos with her twins for her TikTok account, @themejiafamily_. Little did they expect the attention these videos would receive.

Alexis with her big bottle fed twins Camila and Elena.
Alexis and Leo with their twins Camila and Elena

“It’s amusing because when I posted that video, I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t actually realize how big my babies appeared until I started reading all the comments,” Alexis shared.

Viewers left astonished comments, including remarks such as “those look like eight-year-olds” and “if they stood on top of each other, they would be taller than you.”

Some even accused Alexis of editing her videos or using filters to make the girls look larger, but she refuted these claims, stating that the angle of the videos may slightly exaggerate their size. She even posted a video weighing and measuring the babies to provide an accurate portrayal.

Alexis LaRue
Alexis LaRue takes a selfie while pregnant with twins

Alexis also addressed accusations of overfeeding, explaining, “It’s challenging to overfeed a baby. Their pediatrician has no concerns about their size; they simply grow quickly.”


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