Unbelievable: Aussie Mom Delivers Jaw-Dropping 13-Pound Baby Boy, Breaking Records

Occasionally, life surprises us with unexpected turns, and when you’re pregnant, your ultimate hope is that you’re prepared and your baby arrives healthy. When informed about the likelihood of having a large baby, the usual response is, “No problem, as long as my child is healthy.”

Well, Natashia Corrigan, a mother from Australia, received a similar prediction after her 36-week ultrasound scan. Being a mother of three, she thought she knew what to expect with her fourth child. Little did she know.

On January 24, 2017, at 40 weeks and five days into her pregnancy, Natashia and her partner, Brian Liddle, joyfully welcomed their not-so-little baby boy, Baby Brian Jr. He measured a staggering 57 centimeters in length and weighed a remarkable 6.06 kilograms, equivalent to 13-and-a-half pounds.

“I’ve always wanted a chubby baby, and now I have a big one,” Natashia expressed to 7News First.


But wait, there’s more. Natashia accomplished this feat through a natural delivery without general anesthesia or an epidural. Take a moment to let that sink in. The now-mother of four endured seven arduous hours of labor relying solely on “laughing gas” for pain relief. This gas, composed of half nitrous oxide and half oxygen, is considered safe during childbirth, but it can provide limited anesthesia, especially in such extraordinary circumstances.

Baby Brian Jr.’s birth makes him the heaviest baby ever delivered naturally at the Mercy Hospital for Women and one of the largest newborns in Australia. According to WhatToExpect.com, the average newborn weighs around 7.5 pounds, ranging from 5.5 to 10 pounds. Baby Brian Jr. has already doubled that size, to the point that even newborn-sized diapers don’t fit him.


Natashia expressed her gratitude towards Brian and her sister, Kurriki Ellis, for their unwavering support during the birth. “They kept me strong and calm when it seemed like chaos was happening around me. Because he was so big, it was a bit challenging to deliver him, and we needed extra staff members to assist,” she shared with The Herald Sun.

Brian admitted to 7News First that the birth of their fourth child was “a bit scary,” but now both mother and baby are doing well. Natashia still finds it somewhat surreal. “I think I was in a state of shock because the birth was natural, and I only had gas, so I was still processing that,” Natashia explained.

When asked for advice she could offer to other expectant mothers aiming for a natural birth, she shared her perspective: “Believe in the power of positive thinking during labor, stay positive, and breathe deeply.” Take note, pregnant moms!



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