Vanessa Ray, who stars in Blue Bloods, and her husband Landon Beard adopted a baby boy named Isaac Ray Beard. They weren’t sure about having kids until Vanessa had a feeling they should adopt. She told her friend and coworker Bridget Moynahan, who suggested she talk to Peter Hermann, another coworker who had adopted kids. Peter helped them understand the adoption process.

It took about a year to find a lawyer and do the paperwork for adoption. But once they put their info online, they met a potential birth mother within a week. Their son Isaac was born a bit earlier than expected, just before a work strike ended.

They didn’t have much time to prepare, but their friends helped set up a nursery in 24 hours. They didn’t have to buy anything for the baby initially because their friends gave them everything they needed.

They chose the name Isaac because Vanessa had mentioned it years ago, and they liked the meaning. Isaac has been a great addition to their family, and Vanessa’s coworkers were excited to hear about him. Isaac has already met many of Vanessa’s coworkers and is considered part of their family.

Vanessa is happy spending time with her new son and cherishing every moment with him.

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