Renowned for his several fatherly roles in films, Robert De Niro also embraces parenthood in his private life. He became a parent for the first time just a year ago, at the age of 79, adding to his vast experience. De Niro recently spoke up about his experiences as a dad, discussing both the positive and negative aspects of the role.

De Niro talked about how much joy his youngest daughter Gia brings into his life as he thought back on her first birthday. He talked kindly about the happiness Gia has given him in an interview with producer Jane Rosenthal, stressing how she puts everything else into perspective.

De Niro said, “I’m an 80-year-old dad, and it’s great.” “When I look at her, everything that’s consuming or worrying me just fades away.”

Gia celebrated her first birthday, as De Niro confirmed, saying, “Yes, she did.” She had a small piece of lovely, delicious cake. He continued, saying of his daughter, “Well, she’s pure joy.” She is exactly who she is, and for God’s sake, there is nothing about her—nothing to judge, nothing at all. It’s just pure delight.”

Even though De Niro will be 81 years old in the summer of 2024, he still plays active and dedicated parts. In response to a question concerning retirement and golf, he laughed it off and said, “I’m not good at golf,” revealing that he preferred acting to golf.

Gia, De Niro’s eighth child, was brought into the world in May 2023 by him and his fiancée, Tiffany Chen.

His huge family consists of twin boys, Aaron and Julian, 28, with their previous girlfriend Toukie Smith; Drena, 56, and Raphael, 47, with their ex-wife Diahnne Abbott; and Elliot, 26, and Helen, 12, with their ex-wife Grace Hightower.
When considering parenthood, De Niro recognized the difficulties and complimented his spouse for making it bearable, while also acknowledging that parenting doesn’t always become better with experience. With the words, “I’m there; I support my girlfriend,” he highlighted their collaboration. However, she completes the task. And, most importantly, we have assistance.

De Niro continues to find contentment in his growing family and enjoys the shocks and delights that each new child brings into his life as he navigates fatherhood at an older age.

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