Artem and Daria attracted attention from online people by sharing photos of their heir online. Unlike her selected one, Dasha is a mature, healthy girl. Artem is a good conversationalist and a good parent, so our day’s heroine told the readers she never gave her husband’s physical appearance any thought.

Following the birth of her kid, Dasha was bewildered by the reactions of her supporters, who thought Daria had given birth to a son by someone else because the boy would not have acquired his father’s beautiful features otherwise. The girl tells others on the internet that her spouse is the child’s biological father.

Despite the abuse they encounter online, Artem and Daria keep their Instagram followers updated on their lives and share photos. It’s crucial to remember that the man is not idle.

Artem works from his house. A young man works as a programmer to support his wife and little children. All that remains is to wish patience and happiness to this amazing couple.

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