Just 70 years after the woman locked her door and fled Paris in 1939, her family was able to enter her home!
The landlady left her Parisian flat unoccupied since 1939 on a fateful day, closing the front door behind her. The woman’s family continued to attempt to acquire access even after some time had passed.

During the German occupation of Paris, Madame de Florian fled her home with only the necessities for survival. She had the option to go back after the war, but she decided to stay overseas and never told her family that she lived in Paris.

Her heirs didn’t find out about the inheritance—or the address and a set of keys—until her lawyer read her will.

When they first entered the apartment, the opulent paintings and antique furnishings made them feel as though they had traveled back in time.

The heirs were shocked and happy by the unexpected finding, especially when they learned how much money they would be able to make from this unique bequest.

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