This past weekend marked Harper’s eleventh birthday as the beloved daughter of Victoria Beckham. She just posted some new pictures of the pair. Harper shot to fame on social media, where her most recent photos provoked intense debates on many different sites as people compared her to her well-known parents.

However, not all of the remarks have been positive; some critics have brought out Harper’s physical changes and suggested that she may have gained weight recently.

One comment was, “It looks like she’s eaten well.” “She doesn’t have her mother’s trim figure.” “Not very similar to her mother.” “Spitting her father’s picture,” “Not quite as attractive as her mom,” “What is it about Victoria that is considered beautiful?

Others, however, were questioned for context after pointing out that all was contained in a single image. She’s young; therefore, she has plenty of time to grow up. The important thing is that it doesn’t annoy her.

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