A woman shared her story on Reddit. He wanted her to pay the bill for him and his friends at the restaurant, she said, and he was making fun of her because she was making more money than he was. When she mentioned that her income had increased by 30%, her fiancé began to discuss it. “I’ve been engaged to my fiancé for five months. Since he wants money, we don’t talk about it. I was given a raise. He’s been asking me to pay for him and his friends, and I’ve seen that he takes advantage of the fact that I make 30% more than he does.

I would say “No” or “Why should I pay for this?” and he would always respond, “The 30%, that’s why.” He portrays it as unfair or as though I don’t deserve the thirty percent.
He had conned her into paying for the dinners more than once, so she had stated before departing that she would not be making the payment this time. He has tricked me into paying for his and his friend’s meals by asking me to do it in public several times. I’m too nice, to be honest, to say no. I hate fighting, especially in public places like restaurants, so I just smile and pay.
Last Tuesday, he extended an invitation to dinner for me and his buddies. I immediately told him not to expect me to pay for their meals and that I wouldn’t be doing so. He stated, “I got this,” and “no worries.”

She responded badly to her fiancé’s suggestion, made in a whisper during their supper, that she would pay again. “We got to the restaurant. ate dinner and got to know his friends. During lunch, he also leaned in to whisper to me that I would pay for anything he and his friends ordered.
I whispered “no” in response because I was so furious, but I believe he was banking on me to remain silent in front of his buddies and the public. He said, “Remember, you have enough money to pay for everyone’s food.”

She lost her temper and went back home after paying her account. “I was inside outraged. instead of becoming angry and losing my temper. We split the bills when we ordered our first order, so I had to wait for them to come before paying for mine, and I excused myself to use the restroom. I sneaked out of there after that, got in my car, and headed home.
Her fiancé then texted and called to inquire about her whereabouts, to which she responded with the information. I started receiving calls and texts from my fiancé asking where I was. I responded to his text, telling him how much I hated being duped into paying for his and his friends’ supper and how he had put me in this situation. I told him I was going home, and I stopped answering.
“An hour later, he told me his friends thought I was acting improperly and that he should “reflect” on the sort of woman he wanted to marry.

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