The transition from childhood to adulthood can often prove turbulent. Many people experience significant changes in the process of growing up. However, there are some folks whose transformation is so mind-boggling that it resembles the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

For many individuals, the prospect of embracing change might evoke fear, while for others, it signifies a path toward progress in life. Certain transformations can be so profoundly impactful that they extend beyond mere changes in physical appearance, affecting emotional and psychological well-being.

We have curated a list of 18 people who opted for substantial transformations, allowing them to blossom into their authentic and magnificent selves well beyond adolescence. Please join us as we explore a collection of comparison photos depicting these individuals in their youth and as adults, highlighting their remarkable beauty.

18. Cool and Confident

To be able to smile beautifully and confidently, one woman decided to have her teeth fixed when she was only a young girl. She posted before and after photos of herself as a child and an adult, showing how her decision to get braces proved to be life-changing. “11 [to] 30, braces were good to me,” she wrote.

This Reddit user drove the internet wild when he shared the before and after pictures of his transformation.

17. The Wow Factor

This Redditor’s unbelievable transformation will likely render you speechless. Following a life-changing injury while playing his favorite game, he not only lost weight in a little over a year but also completed his education. “Lost 50kg (110lbs) in 18 months after a rugby injury, started rowing for my university, got my MSc in mathematics,” wrote the user with a model-like appearance.

16. Twelve Years Can Make Quite a Difference

One female user’s outlook on life changed completely after she decided to shed a few pounds. Sharing photos of her transformation, she proudly chimed, “12 – 24. Even my family doesn’t recognize me these days; it’s nice.”

15. Hard Work Pays Off

This young woman underwent significant changes to finally become the person she had always wanted to be. “Age ~11 to 20 – I owe a lot to contacts, braces, filling in my eyebrows, and my hairline somehow growing forward,” she delightfully declared.

14. Pretty Amazing

Here’s another mind-blowing transformation story of a woman who pretty much evolved into a stunning model in her 20s. To explain what went into her new and improved look, she wrote, “Grew into my chin… and my ears… and pretty much my whole face (12yo me vs. 22yo me).”

13. Smile Like You Mean It

This Reddit user was finally able to get rid of her glasses and braces when she reached her 20s. And when that happened, she decided to celebrate by flashing her million-dollar smile. “10 [years difference]. Ages 13 & 23,” she wrote next to her before and after photos.

12. From Troll Man to Dude

This man’s crazy yet mind-numbing transformative journey is surely one to go down in history. “Me, early 20’s looking troll man to more normal looking dude in his 30’s [sic],” he wrote alongside his before and after photos.

11. Making It Count

The original poster here didn’t need to spend a lot of years trying to achieve his favorite look. Instead, he worked tirelessly to make every day count for four years and finally shared the eye-opening results online. “16-20. Does this count?” he penned.

10. Bold and Beautiful

This Redditor was finally able to flaunt her unique sense of style when she did two things: Ditching her glasses and wearing clothes her size. “From 10 to 30, a story about wearing contacts and clothes that actually fit!” she joyfully expressed.

9. Redefining Ugly

One female user’s life changed for the better when she decided to embrace her red hair and take pride in her individuality. “13 @ a renaissance fair vs. 30. No makeup or I’d be cheating. I no longer write in my diary that I’m ugly because of my natural redhead features,” she noted.

8. Escaping the Blues

Even though school was hard for this individual, he was determined to turn things around once that period was over. Putting it all behind him, he decided to make his adult years count. “13-30. Middle school was rough…” he wrote next to his comparison pictures. His wide grin in the second photo showed just how far he had come in life.

7. Growing the Confidence

After being made fun of as a young boy, this man vowed to work on his confidence and self-esteem. “Ages 16-25, unfortunately I have only potato quality pictures, I was always picked on when younger [sic]!” he wrote alongside his transformation photos, with the second one showing him in a beard.

6. Abslutely Brilliant

This man’s decision to get braces not only fixed his teeth but also gave him an instant confidence boost. From wearing braces as a teenager to growing a beard in his 30s and flaunting that impeccable smile, “17 to 30” clearly did him good.

5. Unbelievably True

One woman’s radical transformation flabbergasted the online community. From the shy young girl in a uniform to a gorgeous diva in a stunning black outfit, her changed new look served as a major clap-back at her haters. “10 to 20! My nickname used to be called ‘uglie’ [sic],” she wrote in the post description.

4. Is This for Real?

From a young boy running a marathon to a handsome man driving the internet crazy with his well-defined jawline and killer looks, this Redditor’s transformation is nothing short of inspiring. “Left 12yo, right 24yo I was told this would fit here,” he added next to his stunning photos.

3. Baffling Much?

When this young man decided to have his teeth fixed and grow his hair as an adult, he didn’t know that his transformation would become a topic of interest for online users. “[What] a 10 year difference can do,” he penned next to his comparison pictures.

2. A True Splendor

This Reddit user drove the internet wild when he shared the before and after pictures of his transformation. “Pic from my first passport when I [was] 18 years and one of my first modeling shoots in my 30s,” he wrote. Many Redditors felt hopeful about their adulthood after seeing this man’s journey.

1. Happy and Free

This individual had a hard time growing up because people picked on them due to their weight. In their 30s, they were finally able to heave a sigh of relief and embrace the freedom they had always desired. They happily revealed, “From awkward 6th grade fat boy 2001 to a very happy and liberated 30 year old, 2020 [sic].”

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