“Plastic strap on cotton swabs. Unidentified object received in a recent order from online shop.”

Answer: I think they are supposed to be a gag. You put the rubber part around your ear and it looks like you have a cotton swab sticking out of your head.

“Metal shards inside the shower head of the place I’m renting. What are these and why are they in there?”

Answer: Surely they are solder from copper plumbing. If you overheat the pipes while soldering, long strands like this can form on the inside.

“What is this object at a restaurant construction site with a handle on top?”

Answer: “Airflow meter for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to help balance the system”

“What is this loop inside my coat, next to where the sleeve is?”

Answer: It’s for the belt.

“These weird tweezers. Probably a kitchen tool.”

Answer: Looks like it’s for squeezing lemon pieces to catch seeds.

“A weird set of cards I found — there are a total of 44 cards, the holes and the suits seem to be in random positions.”

Answer: I think it’s a Gaff Deck for magic tricks.

“A new bra I bought online has a ’microchip’ inside of it. It looks pretty fake to me but can’t pinpoint what it is exactly.”

Answer: New age “healing” stuff, like the magnetic bracelets and such.

“It looks like a cast-iron pitcher.”

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