Curiosity can typically be categorized into several types. There’s the kind of curiosity for when we see something that we don’t understand (like an itch we need to scratch). And then there’s the kind of inquisitiveness that inspires scientific research. There are many things that could trigger our curiosity too — from rare finds and confusing pictures to bizarre scenarios.

1. “My hands have different sizes, shapes, and colors.”

2. Rock or baked potato?

Rock – I’ve never seen a shining potato.

3. “My friend and his scuba diver doll”

4. “The plane I’m in is super foggy for some reason.”

There could be a possible engine fire

5. “I have an autoimmune disorder that has made my natural hair color change 3 times in the last month.”

6. “This banana car”

That is the car Harry Styles would LOVE to drive, he loves eating bananas

7. “This sign on a bike path in New Zealand warning us about ’frisky cows’”

8. “The way this can of spray foam exploded”

It looks like a beautiful piece of art.

9. “Dental crowns don’t glow under black light.”

10. “Don’t let the headhunters find him.”

11. “My friend uses scissors to cut pizza.”

Fine – why not if it suits him/her better that way?

12. “This garage door”

I don’t think it’s a garage door but it would be funny if it was – maybe it is some kind of loading station – it’s in use – perhaps it’s being used to fill lorries from the top perhaps some sort of liquids?

13. “My sister lives in Florida and sends me some weird pictures of people. This was the most recent.”

That is not a zebra.

14. “This bald bird”

Poor baby – must be the weakest in the flock being picked on.

15. “These 2 bananas I bought at the same time ripened at different speeds.”

I read a few days ago that bananas should be separated from the stem not to ripen too fast or you should wrap the crown.

16. “I took a picture of a ladybug riding a snail!”

Slow down, you maniac! You’ll get us all killed!

17. This semi-transparent building

18. “Are those cars underwater?”

“This photo was taken atop a Ferris wheel. It’s a reflection of the parking lot behind the photo.” © PandaCod3r / Reddit

When you see something curious, do you want to get to the bottom of it right away, or do you usually just let it go? Have you captured any weird scenarios lately? Drop your thoughts and pics in the comment section

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