Many of us have things at home that are easier to throw away than to try and restore them to their initial look. But under a thick layer of dust, you can discover really good household items. You just have to be patient and have a good cleaning product on hand. Some people even manage to not only bring old chairs and pans to life but old fences and garden paths too.

“My aunt gave us her old chairs as she was throwing them out. She saw them after I washed them and wanted them back.”

“I bought this thinking the bottom was supposed to be gray.”

“The logo was caked with burnt food, which is why it’s so prominent in the first photo.”

“When I tried to just wash the blanket, the cat hair just clustered in many little hairballs. So I used a very cheap laundry brush to remove them.”

“I’m a little speechless. I genuinely thought our patios and paths were made with brown slabs. I wasn’t expecting this amount of contrast!”

You don’t have to replace your carpet flooring every time you spill a cup of coffee on it.

This is what 26 years of dust look like.

We bet you’ll want to clean your keyboard now.

“This stove ended up not being as hopeless as it seemed.”

“We had to break out the harsh oven cleaner for this job today.”

Before and after cleaning

Now you can see your reflection in this toaster.

Who would’ve thought that this old time-stained fence would get clean again?

Yes, it’s the same pathway in both photos.

“I cleaned the filters from my air conditioner. It’s been a long time between cleans, I guess!”

The armchair in the first photo seems to have been taken out of a garbage pit. But the second photo proves otherwise.

“The fridge came with the house that we bought, so I have no idea how long it was before it was cleaned. I’m so disgusted but feel so much better seeing the after version.”

“I couldn’t handle how gross my sister’s tea kettle was from stove spatters.”

With a bit of effort, your seats can be good as new again.

Don’t forget to clean your vacuum brush! This is about 6 to 8 months of buildup, most of which was hair.

“It seemed that nothing could save this dirty bath tap.”

“I cleaned my husband’s work coat — not perfect but lots of progress.”

“Some workers decided to clean the porch with a high-pressure washer. It seems there’s no need to paint it now.”

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