Deep fried chicken? At first glance, you would see 3 brown pieces of fried chicken. But look closer! You will notice there is a white puppy at the end. Suddenly, you would realize you are looking at something else rather than food. The photo below has been shared by a netizen who encountered the same reaction. At his first glimpse, he thought he saw fried chicken. However, when he came to his senses, he realized he was looking at a litter of brown puppies.

“I thought it was fried chicken until I saw the white-haired one at the corner.” The netizen snapped a photo of the puppies and shared it on a Facebook group. 3 brown-haired puppies were sleeping inside a wire enclosure. They looked similar to each other, seemingly like deep-fried chicken newly cooked. However, when you look closer, you will notice the white puppy in the upper right corner and realize they are all puppies. “I was shocked to realize that everything was a misunderstanding, and it was not fried chicken at all,” the netizen said. “I was laughed at by my friends and said, ‘No animals were abused in this photo.’”


After the interesting “optical illusion” photo was posted, it was shared on various social media sites and amused thousands of people. There were hundreds of comments written, and here are some of them:

“It feels so weird looking at it the wrong way.”

“They need to be powdered. 😆

“Fried chicken x white sugar cake. 😆

“It looks like the skin has peeled off a little on one of them.”

“I need to take lutein to improve my eyesight.”

Aside from this hilarious photo, Chihuahuas were also often used to make hilarious meme photos. There is a photo collage of chihuahuas and baked muffins circulating the internet that has become a hilarious meme shared on some social media sites. Its caption says: “Whenever a cake or cookie comes out of the oven… Respect life. Please take care of the Chihuahuas. A chihuahua would be sacrificed.”

The similarity of the Chihuahua’s face to the baked muffins is so uncanny it makes people exclaim, “The number of weird photos is increasing.”

Images credits: © UDN Pets/Facebook and RlIang Chen/Memes

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