Photo filtering and enhancement are the trend nowadays, simply by using a photo app on a mobile phone. Finding the perfect location and posing for a photo is all you need and choosing the right filter to make your picture look perfect. After a few minutes, the photo is ready for uploading to the internet. Then, the photo attracts viewers and reactions. The more it garners ‘likes’, the happier the person who shared it since it encourages the person to post more photos.

In this age of modern technology, people’s perception of beauty has changed because of filtering in social media. Individuals who feel they are not ‘in’ the criteria of beauty resort to cosmetic or plastic surgery for a ‘fix’ on their flaws. Sad reality.

However, many people still believe in natural beauty and having the confidence to face life with what you naturally have to offer. Cosmetic and plastic surgery vs. natural beauty sparks debates, and many claim that each person’s opinion counts. One celebrity had spoken out about this “unrealistic beauty” trend and how it has corrupted millions of people all over the world.

64-year-old Oscar awardee Jamie Lee Curtis shared her opinion about plastic surgery in an interview with Fast Company“The current trend of fillers and procedures, and this obsession with filtering, and the things that we do to adjust our appearance on Zoom are wiping out generations of beauty,” said Jamie Lee in her interview.

Teenagers, especially those who want to fit in with the ‘cool kids’ in school, are willing to undergo plastic surgery just to enhance their looks. From lip fillers, liposuction, and breast enhancements to rhinoplasty, people assume that it is the easier way to improve their flaws and think plastic or cosmetic surgery would change their lives forever.

Jamie Lee also said that social media played the biggest factor in influencing people.

“It’s like giving a chainsaw to a toddler,” Jamie described. At a very young age, kids are already aware of these unrealistic beauty enhancers. Some children do not appreciate what they see in the mirror. At some point, if they are bullied in school or elsewhere, they would resort to enhancing their nose, their breasts, and other parts of their bodies. So, what happens after the surgeries?

Jamie Lee Curtis knows as much since she has undergone the experience years back. Feeling embarrassed when a cameraman commented that her eyes were very “puffy”, she became conscious of her looks on camera, which led her to have a routine surgery. After the surgery, she became addicted to Vicodin for 10 years, a prescription Painkiller developed for the relief of moderate to severe pain. However, Jamie claims that she has already been sober for over 20 years.

Jamie wants this new generation of people to do better and be smarter. She hopes that the trend of filtered beauty and cosmetic surgery will not ‘wipe out’ the new generation of people with natural beauty.

“Once you mess with your face, you can’t get it back,” said Jamie Lee Curtis, “Look at yourself and see how beautiful you are. Self-love and self-acceptance start with you, and you don’t need to change.”

People have their own opinions about plastic or cosmetic surgeries and the beauty standards of the modern age. While some people disagree, there are individuals, celebrity or otherwise, who have undergone these surgeries and have positive opinions about their experiences.

▼ Here is a video showing Jamie Lee Curtis’s opinion on plastic surgery and how it is ‘wiping out a new generation of natural beauties’:

Credits to: Good Morning America/YouTube

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel

Images credits: © Jamie Lee Curtis @jamieleecurtis/Instagram and Pexels

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