Parenting is never easy! On the contrary, it represents a multifaceted journey that involves nurturing, guiding, and supporting children as they grow and develop into unique individuals. The truth is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting because every child is different and needs to be approached and guided differently.

The sad reality is that parents are sometimes shamed for their parenting styles and even judged by those who have never experienced raising little children.

Below are some fun hacks related to parenting. Some would put a smile on your face.

  1. Little creativity never hurt anybody!

2. Who said multiplication is hard to teach?

3. This is how you tel your twins apart.

4. No bathtub, no problem!

5. BBQ dad hack.

6. The perfect way to make a sandpit.

7. Car seat hack that can save lives!

8. Making show bricks have never been easier.

9.  This girl loves running around parking lots so dad bought this ‘miracle worker’ magnet. She loves keeping her hand on the bright colors awhile waiting for mom.

10. Window stickers on plane, fun, cheap, and easy to pick.

11. Just wow!

12. Place a diaper on the potty chair and just wrap it up when the child is done. No mess.

13. If you have to bring your stroller indoors put shower caps on the wheels to prevent bringing the dirt inside.

14. Dad’s creativity has no limits.

15. Race car track.

16. Before starting using medications, write the dosages on the bottle and mark it off each day.

17. Babies staring at the washing machine working a whole new level of entertainment.

18. Sorting balls in a muffin pan can keep your child busy for a while.

19. French fry apples anyone?

20. When your kid is asleep but you need to eat.

21. Parenting done right!

22. Color coding for easier spotting.

23. Use bottle nipple as medicine dispenser.

24. If your child uses a walker, use pool noodles as bumpers to save your walls and ankles.

25. Clean non-electronic plastic toys in a dishwasher.

26. Crayons can keep your child distracted during waiting time at the doctor’s.

27. Sprinkle some cinnamon in a sandbox to keep bugs away.

28. Aww!

29. Super Lego organizer.

30. Disposable gloves hack.

31. Painting the fire station floor.

32. A frozen sponge in a ziplock is the perfect way to keep kids lunches cold.

33. Does anyone else use the bathtub (minus water) as a play pen when having a shower?

34. Yogurt + food coloring = safe edible paint.

35. Spy window for moms.

36. ‘Mess-free’ painting. Just put some colors inside a ziplock bag.

37. Attach a sippy cup to your kid’s car seat. This way you won’t have to turn around and pick it up every time your kid drops it.

38. Knit a childproof door knob cover to avoid getting locked out or to keep children away of entering certain rooms.

39. Ask your keiki for a toy they want the ‘switch witch’ to bring them. Halloween night when they go to bed all their candy goes next to their pillow. Switch witch arrives while they’re sleeping and switches their candy for the toy.

40. When getting out of the car by a road or in a car park, ask your child to touch ‘the spot’ aka the fuel cover thingy! Especially helpful for anyone with multiple children trying to get everyone out of the car!

41. Sometimes I have to disguise oatmeal within a banana to get my child to eat. He’s been eating the same bite of banana and new oatmeal this whole time.

42. Teach a child to hold a pencil using a Kleenex.

43. Use shopping cart restraints to secure your toddler’s sippy cup.

44. Carry an ‘out of order’ sign in your wallet at all times in case you encounter an unexpected delay machine.

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