Fortunately, there are shelters around the world for stray or abandoned animals. Rescuers do an amazing job saving these beings and giving them a second chance in life. Although most of them are non-profit shelters, these incredible groups of people who work for them are more than happy to volunteer and save the animals. It shows that the best of humanity still exists.

With combined efforts, they can accomplish so much and successfully save even the most difficult rescue cases on the streets. They are wonderful people who take good care of stray animals we call man’s best friend.

Recently, rescuers learned that a female dog was abandoned by her owners. They found her wandering the streets and tried to save her. However, she was not used to human interaction, so she turned and left. The team followed her and noticed that the dog would wander around the neighborhood and go back to the house of her owners, hoping they would let her back inside. The poor dog never realized it was never going to happen.

When the neighbors noticed the rescuers, some neighbors who knew the dog’s situation decided to help Jo and her team catch the poor pooch.

Working together and combining their efforts, they cornered the dog in an alley where she could not escape. They took the opportunity to rescue the abandoned dog. One of the rescuers approached and put a blanket around her, noticing that the dog was not fleeing or growling. She was calm and very quiet, as though she knew she was being saved. She was relaxed when the rescuers took her to the car.

The dog was immediately sent to a veterinary clinic for a thorough check-up. It was standard protocol for rescued animals living on the streets for some time.

The vet did all the necessary treatments, such as deworming and de-fleaing, and gave her a warm bath for her to relax and feel comfortable. The sweet dog was placed in a kennel with a warm blanket, and she slept for the rest of the day. After what she had gone through as a stray, the sweet dog knew she was finally in good hands. However, she was still nervous around people. Jo thought it was time to focus on the matter.

After a few days, Jo noticed that the dog was gradually getting familiar with her surroundings. However, she needed something more. Jo took the dog to her dad, who was planning to adopt another dog. He already had one, and it would be better if his dog had a new sibling.

When he saw the sweet dog, Jo’s dad instantly fell in love with her and was ready to decide. However, an interesting turn occurred when Jo called him after a few days and informed him that she was going to adopt the dog. Jo’s dad was happy to hear the news since he would still get to see the sweet dog every day, and the 2 dogs could hang out all the time.

In the end, the adorable dog left alone by her former owners has found a forever home where she deserves to be loved by a family who will never abandon her again.

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