A flight attendant on duty during a flight could not help but notice a Labrador Retriever sleeping soundly on the floor next to its master. It instantly fell asleep due to exhaustion, and its upper body was visible on the passenger aisle. The stewardess thought the sleeping dog was very cute, so she took a video and shared it on social media. Various reactions came pouring in, and some netizens questioned, “How did that dog get into the plane with the passengers?” Some reactions caused heated discussions on social media.

Russian stewardess Anastasiia uploaded the short video on Instagram. The flight went smoothly, and all the passengers were quiet on their respective seats. However, it was the dog in a deep sleep that caught her attention. She stared at the sleeping dog for a short time and noticed it was not waking up. From the seat in the crew section, she secretly took a video of the sleeping pooch and immediately shared it on social media with captions that read: “This is our passenger! Very cute and well-behaved!”

Once the video was posted, it instantly went viral and was reposted in other communities on social media. However, the viral video turned out to be repulsive to netizens who did not like dogs. Most of them left nasty comments:

“Why do you let the dog sleep like this?”

“I really want to know, which airline allows dogs to enter the passenger cabin?”

“I may not be able to accept the dog next to the passenger on the plane.”

However, the flight stewardess had a polite response to these unfriendly messages:

“Hello, it is a guide dog, that’s why it’s in the cabin. It makes people understand that it’s reasonable for the owner to take the dog on the plane, and the dog is also tired because it has been performing tasks and protecting the owner all day long.”


Most netizens who are dog lovers were attracted by the viral video and left heartwarming messages:

“I’m so envious. I also want to take my fur kid on the plane together.”

“I’m glad this fur baby can be allowed in the cabin, but what airline is this?”

“It looks exhausted. All in a day’s work.”

“What a beautiful and healing picture!”

“This passenger is very good; much better than some passengers with two legs.”

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