A user on Reddit recounted an incident where a woman seated next to him in business class requested that he voluntarily switch seats so she could sit with her husband, who was seated in economy class.

During a flight from Toronto to Vancouver, the original poster (OP) found himself seated next to a woman in a two-seat center pod configuration. She politely asked if he would mind swapping seats with her husband to allow the couple to sit together.

Agreeing, the OP assumed her husband was elsewhere in business class. However, to his surprise, the woman revealed that her husband’s seat was a middle seat in economy class.

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«You can’t seriously expect me to swap a pod for a MIDDLE seat at the back of the bus. Are you kidding me?» OP exclaimed, recalling his response. He admitted to feeling as though he was being filmed for a potential YouTube prank, constantly scanning his surroundings for any signs of cameras.

Not only was the woman serious, but she also proceeded to throw a tantrum when OP refused, exclaiming, «But you said you would! He’s already heading this way!»

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According to the OP, the woman had originally been seated in economy class with her husband but took a free upgrade when it was offered to her. She seemingly assumed that someone in business class would readily downgrade their seat so she could sit with her spouse.

The OP stated that if she could find someone in business class to switch with her husband, he’d be willing to move to any available seat in the section so they could sit together in the double pod. Alternatively, she could opt to sit with her husband in economy class.

However, seemingly dissatisfied with these options, she replied, «But we both want to sit together up here!» Since neither option was feasible due to the assigned seating, the OP writes that she eventually resigned herself to sitting apart from her husband for the duration of the 5-hour flight.

© cottonbro studio / Pexels.com

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