Jessie Lipskin transformed a 1966 Greyhound bus into a cozy, sustainable home on wheels, drawing inspiration from the eco-architect Michael Reynolds’ documentary “Trash Warrior.”

Embracing minimalism and an eco-friendly lifestyle, Jessie, with no prior construction experience, undertook the ambitious project of converting the dilapidated bus into a comfortable living space. She utilized natural materials and reclaimed items, focusing on creating a functional, minimalist design that could accommodate up to four people.

The renovated bus features a living area bathed in natural light from the original windows, a kitchen equipped with energy-efficient appliances and natural wood countertops, and a bedroom with a double bed and a unique mini-library. Jessie’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of recycled materials for insulation and finishes, and the installation of an energy-efficient LED lighting system.

Despite challenges, Jessie’s vision for a mobile, eco-conscious home was realized through the collaboration with friends, acquaintances, and professionals. The result is a testament to her creativity and dedication to living sustainably, showcasing how an old bus can be transformed into a charming, environmentally friendly dwelling on wheels.

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