Our dogs and I get along well and oftentimes we even consider them members of our family.

It’s hard for any of us to conceive what we would do if someone inadvertently hurt this quasi-family member in our lives. Picture a cheerful, loyal dog with sparkling eyes and a wagging tail jumping all over the place.

In the blink of an eye, their future is taken away and their vitality is destroyed by a speeding automobile that tears through their existence.

The pain that follows is unmatched as losing a cherished dog friend directly affects one’s spirit.

Unfortunately, many individuals have experienced this and had to bury their cherished pets as a result of careless driving; the author of this piece is undoubtedly familiar with the feelings involved.

After losing their dog in an accident, one family decided to stand up and shock the neighborhood by posting a notice.

They utilized the sign to alert cars who were speeding by posting it in their yard. A lot of people would view the message as dangerous.

The placard said, “We buried our dog last week because you won’t slow down.” “Your family may bury you if you hit one of my kids.”

When a photo of the sign was posted on Reddit, it quickly received a ton of comments.

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“I never see why people drive so fast through parking lots or neighborhoods. Really, where’s the logic in that? A user remarked.

One of the locations where the material was also uploaded was Facebook. The author of the warning was largely endorsed by users across all platforms.

I adore the sign. In communities, people drive far too quickly. Twenty or more is too quick. children riding bikes. It occurs that a ball ends out on the street when kids are playing in their backyard. Thus, why is this issue present? That’s because people are f**king stupid, that’s why. Easy and uncomplicated,” a Facebook user commented.

“Holy shit! My dog escaped, and the woman who ran him over didn’t even slow down. Simply run over the man. A youngster might experience the same thing,” said someone another.

Other internet users, however, didn’t agree with the dog owner. Many believe that the man let his dog have too much freedom to wander.

“I’m not at all sad for them. Have the same issue in my community. Everyone believes that dogs and cats are allowed to roam freely. One reader said, “My dogs never leave my property without my permission.”

Do not let your dog go loose! Another person added, “You would take better care of your furry friend if you cared about them.”

Another said, “Speeding is bad, but you must keep your dog and kids off the street.”

Regretfully, there’s a chance that such signs may continue to be shown at some of our locations. Kevin Jackman, a native of Middletown, New Jersey, had had enough seven years before.

He became increasingly agitated as he watched people drive by his house quickly, knowing that kids lived and played nearby. He was determined to put an end to it, so he decided to make a sign that would get noticed and have an effect. The outcome was a controversial sign that sent a powerful message.

It was a useful reminder for drivers to slow down and prioritize their safety. “Last week, my dog was tragically struck because you chose not to slow down,” the message stated. Your family will be left to bury you if you strike a youngster.

Kevin Jackman said that his sign was inspired by a social media comment; maybe he noticed the previous Reddit post.

When you see the sign, who comes to mind? Which side do you support—those urging dog owners to take accountability, or the dog owners themselves? Tell us by leaving a comment below!


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