Why do people end their relationships? In fact, there are many reasons: differences of opinion, betrayal or adultery, reluctance (or willingness) to have children, financial reasons, in the end. But often a person realizes that all this time there was someone inappropriate next to them, after some sad, eye-opening situation.

For example, something similar once happened to the user u/kinkynquirky, whose story we are going to tell you today. Unfortunately, the price for the author of realizing the toxicity of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend was her beloved cat… However, let’s talk about everything in order.

The author of the post had been dating her boyfriend for 7 years, and they finally decided to tie the knot

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However, one day the guy called the woman and confessed that he had dropped her cat off in some distant park

“[Am I The Jerk] For Calling Off My $40K Wedding Because My Fiancé Dropped My Cat Off Somewhere?”

Image credits: u/kinkynquirky

It turned out that since the cat was an inside-outside pet, he allegedly scratched the guy’s car and the owner got totally livid over this

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Image credits: u/kinkynquirky

The woman had been searching for her pet for over a month, doing her best… but to no avail

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Image credits: u/kinkynquirky

So the woman finally packed her things and simply left, calling off the $40K wedding

The original poster (OP) says that she is now 26 years old, and for the last 7 years she had been dating her now-ex named Tom, who is four years older than her. The couple had their ups and downs, but over time they came to the decision to tie the knot. The wedding was supposed to take place soon… but it never happened.

One fine day, when the author was not at home, Tom called her and said that he had dropped her cat off. At first the woman didn’t actually get what had happened, but then the guy explained that he was angry that the cat scratched his car, and in his anger, he took him somewhere to a distant park far away, and left him there.

I must say that this cat did sometimes scratch cars, but mostly it was the OP’s car. However, the man said that he had camera footage incriminating the animal – but for some reason he flatly refused to show it to her. Well, we all know very well these lines like: “Don’t you trust me?”

Tom’s assistant in this icky act was an old friend of his, whom the guy had been sheltering in the house “for a couple of months” since almost a year earlier until he found a job. By the way, it was because of this friend’s dog that the cat had to become an inside-outside cat…

To say that our heroine was devastated is to say nothing. She literally spent the next month in the vicinity of the place where her boyfriend left the animal, posting advertisements, asking random passersby and calling out the pet’s name in vain. Unfortunately, her search was unsuccessful…

She visited all the animal shelters in the area, gave dozens of online advertisements, shed a lot of bitter tears – all in vain. By the way, the culprit of this whole situation not only did not help the OP in her search, but was almost offended by her devoting so much time to the cat…

In general, the original poster’s patience had run out. She just packed her belongings, claimed that she was calling off their engagement and the upcoming 40K wedding – and left. It took time and many therapy sessions for the woman to finally realize how toxic of a relationship she was lucky enough to get out of, and how Tom had actually brainwashed her all this time. But, alas, this will not bring the cat back…

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Well, if you, for example, had a chance to read our selection of verbal and non-verbal signs of people who appear nice at first glance, but aren’t that good at heart, then poor treatment of animals is definitely among the top 10 among similar signs. So the original poster seems to have made a pretty good decision – especially taking into account all she said about her relationship with her ex…

By the way, animal abandonment is a crime according to the federal law, so our heroine could well sue her ex too. However, some of the people in the comments to the original post even went further in their assumptions, admitting that the guy could have even killed the ‘annoying’ pet, and just told the woman that he dropped it off.

“File a police report for animal abuse and theft,” some people advise in the comments. “See if the cops can find out where he actually dropped the cat off – he might be dumb enough to admit which shelter or location.”

Be that as it may, the overwhelming number of commenters do sincerely believe that the original poster really dodged a bullet here, and the only thing the woman is really wrong about is that she parted ways with this guy a whole month after the described incident. “I would have left his a*s the second he told me he abandoned my pet somewhere,” one of the commenters claimed. And what would you do if you were our heroine?

People in the comments unanimously sided with the woman, blaming her only for not leaving earlier

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