A boyfriend’s birthday celebration at a fancy restaurant turned messy when it came time to pay

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The man expected his girlfriend would pay for his steak, even though she never uses her money on meat

“[Am I The Jerk] For Refusing To Pay For My Bf’s Food On His Birthday And Getting Him Banned From A Restaurant?”

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Image credits: leopardprintcats

The woman is a vegetarian, who swore to herself to never spend a cent of her money on meat

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However, this time the man looked at his girlfriend shocked when she asked the waiter to split the bill

The story started with a young woman and her boyfriend John being all happy celebrating his 20th birthday at his favorite restaurant. However, their festive mood was disrupted when there came the time to pay for the meal.

Since there has been quite a bit of tension between them when it comes to the young woman being vegetarian, it reached its peak during the incident at this restaurant and suddenly revealed their disagreement at its core.

The girlfriend, having been a vegetarian since she was 11 years old in addition to having a rule that she has kept ever since she started making her own money – to not spend one cent on meat –  was faced with her boyfriend’s expectation, that she would pay for his steak since it was his birthday.

Even though his girlfriend refusing to spend her money on meat is the one thing John has a problem with, usually on their dates, they either split the bill or he pays for it all. As an exchange, his girlfriend often pays for their concerts or festivals.

However, this time it was different: her boyfriend looked at her shocked when she asked to split the bill. Since her boyfriend couldn’t give a reason other than that it was his birthday, the woman refused to pay, while her boyfriend stormed off without paying for it either.

The woman ended up driving home without her boyfriend and got blamed later on that it is her fault that he can’t show his face at his favorite restaurant since he “dined and ditched”.

The boyfriend thought she should pay because it was his birthday and stormed off when she refused

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The man later blamed his girlfriend for no longer being able to show his face at his favorite restaurant as he “dined and ditched”

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