On a Tuesday night in May 2023, former National Hockey League star P.K. Subban used his time live during an ESPN segment to make fun of singer Lizzo. During his time on ESPN, Subban used his large sports platform to fat-shame Lizzo live on the air by making a comment about the massive size of her lunch. Subban, 33, had been tasked with teaming up with co-host John Buccigross to talk about Game 1 of the Panthers versus the Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Playoff series.

Fans were outraged when Subban made a comment about Lizzo and used his time on ESPN to body shame the singer, who is known for being a plus-size person and advocate for body positivity. During the segment, Buccigross joked about how Toronto should “pack a lunch” after their team lost four to two to the other hockey team.

That’s when Subban made the comment that rocked NHL fans and caused his career to nosedive. He said, “Maybe they need to pack a Lizzo-sized lunch.” He made the Lizzo comment out of the blue, pulling it from thin air while live on the air for ESPN.

Lizzo has been a strong body positivity advocate. She also is a proud plus-size fashion icon and even launched a line of inclusive shapewear back in 2022.

When fans heard Subban make fun of Lizzo’s size, they demanded that Subban apologize to Lizzo for the comment. Fans also called the retired hockey player “fatphobic” and a “clown” for making a comment about Lizzo’s lunch.

After the comment was made on ESPN, one Twitter user wrote, “PK Subban randomly dissing Lizzo was NOT on my bingo card for tonight.”

Another fan wrote, “Sis Pk Subban really just say ‘Lizzo sized lunch?’ That’s… not acceptable. That’s fatphobic.”

Meanwhile, another NHL fan shared their shock at hearing the comment live on the air, writing on Twitter, “P.K. Subban saying someone needed a Lizzo-sized lunch? Seems like a harmful thing to say.”

Other comments online included the following:

“P.K. Subban fat-shamed Lizzo. Typical Subban clown move. He’s just horrible on ESPN.”

Another wrote: “Did P.K. Subban just make a fatphobic Lizzo joke…..”

One more fan wrote: “PK Subban is going to have to apologize for making a comment about Lizzo.”

Subban, who retired from hockey in 2021, has yet to apologize for his remarks and has yet to issue a statement. It is unclear if the former hockey star will face any repercussions for his comment or if Lizzo will demand an apology. As of right now, all fans can do is wait and see what happens next.

Regardless of what happens, P.K. Subban’s comment has shined a light on the need for more body positivity and inclusivity in sports and beyond. People should not be judged for their weight or size – everyone deserves to be accepted no matter what. P.K. Subban’s comments were unacceptable and have started an important conversation about body positivity. Hopefully, this will lead to more acceptance and understanding in the sports world and beyond.

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