The moment so many people have been waiting for has finally happened, after a few mysterious months—Kate Middleton was seen walking around in public, and it was captured on video on March 16, 2024. Witnesses have also since described how she looked, particularly if she was in good spirits or not.

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Recent reports of Kate Middleton’s sighting have been confirmed with a new video that shows her and Prince William visiting a business near their home in Windsor. The clip, obtained by TMZ, captures the royal couple’s outing at the Windsor Farm Shop, corroborating previous eyewitness accounts.

In the clip, Kate can be seen smiling and in a good mood, which matches how onlookers described the princess—”happy, relaxed and healthy.«

The man who shot the footage recounted the moment in detail. «I noticed a couple choosing loaves of bread and the woman turned her face and I felt like I had seen the face before. It was familiar. I knew it from somewhere,» Nelson Silva said. «I went to my car and as they came out of the shop I just filmed them. I think they walked out through a gate out of the grounds. They just vanished and I didn’t see a car. I just wanted to share with my family footage and show just how normal they were.»

«Kate looked happy and relaxed. They look happy just to be able to go to a shop and mingle. Kate looked relieved like it was a success going to a shop. It felt natural,» he added.

Although the couple was seen shopping without their kids, it has also been reported that they had spent the first part of the day with them, watching George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, play sports.

The unexpected sighting comes amidst widespread rumors regarding her health and whereabouts, which allegedly left the couple «devastated.» Kate’s last public appearance was on Christmas Day, and she has been unable to fulfill official engagements since undergoing an abdominal surgery in January 2024.

Much was said and speculated ever since the princess’ surgery was announced, both by people of the public and Kate’s own family members. As such, the British palace made the decision to respond to several rumors regarding her health.

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