A bride has been ridiculed on social media for making her own wedding cake just 12 hours before her big day.

Now one thing I’m sure we can all agree on is that planning a wedding is stressful. From outfits to guest lists to the perfect venue and decor – there’s just so much to think about. And that’s without even touching on just how much all of it costs.

A woman called Laura, also known by her TikTok handle @darlinggoose, took to the video-sharing platform to share her plans for her big day which included making her own wedding cake just 12 hours before the special occasion.

Yeah, you read that right… 12 hours before.

While I commend her for her bravery, I could never.

Anyway, Laura opened up about the DIY project with her 86,000 followers, showing them that multiple boxes of cake mix combined with some cream icing and a bunch of rainbow sprinkles can actually turn out looking pretty cute.

“Not sure if making my wedding cake at midnight the night before my wedding was the best idea,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

The influencer smiled next to her two-tiered cake which had a cake-topper that read ‘The Saxes’ on top – a job well done considering the time and resource constraints.

However, not everyone seemed to agree.

“Yeah that’s a no,” wrote one user while another asked: “Is this a joke?”

Someone else wrote: “U could’ve at least watched a youtube tutorial bruh.”

And this user even went onto describe the cake as a “mess” saying: “The colour on those sprinkles is gonna bleed into the icing over night. By the morning it’s going to be an even bigger mess.”

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Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

Thankfully though, there were lots of social media users who also jumped to defend Laura and her wedding project.

“Y’all hating but she just saved like $700,” wrote one user. “Y’all so worried ab the wedding and not the marriage.”

Another added: “Some of these comments need to chill. it’s her wedding, she can have whatever type of cake she wants. I think it’s cute and unique!”

A third described the haters as “mean” saying: “People are so mean. I can’t remember anyone’s cake at weddings I’ve been to. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. Its your day! Congrats!”

Another added: “‘Is this a joke’ that cake is gonna taste BOMB and you didn’t get trapped by the wedding industry price scam. 12/10.”

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Credit: TikTok

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Credit: TikTok

After her big day, the DIY specialist decided to upload a montage of pictures of her sprinkle cake and how it turned out – and spoiler alert: It was amazing!

This wasn’t the only part of her special day that the DIY specialist decided to take into her own hands.

She also made her own flower arrangements for her tables which included pretty plants from Costco. Not only that, she used some of the extra white roses to make her own bridal bouquet with a matching ribbon to hold the flowers together.

Another video posted to her account showed off the DIY napkins she made which included both her name and her husband’s at the bottom, which was a cute little detail for the occasion.

We have no choice but to stan!

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