You’d think 15 years is enough time to get to know a person. So when Reddit user Old_Budget_2834 was asked by her bestie to be her maid of honor, the woman was ecstatic.

She was helping with planning the wedding and everything seemed fine. Until the bridal shower.

The Redditor showed up to the event wearing white nails, and the bride-to-be took it so personally that she demanded her to rip them off.

The maid of honor refused and left after the two of them got into a heated argument. Lost and confused, she later made a post on the popular subreddit ‘Am I the [Jerk?]‘ asking its members to help her make sense of the ordeal.

This woman was excited to be her best friend’s maid of honor

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However, during the bridal shower, she witnessed a side of her bestie that she wasn’t aware of before

Bride Left In Tears After Friend Had The Audacity To Wear White Nails To Her Bridal Shower

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Image credits: Nataliya Vaitkevich / pexels (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Old_Budget_2834

Bridal showers are usually relaxed and fun

A bridal shower (also called a wedding shower) is a moment to celebrate the couple’s upcoming nuptials with close friends and family. Guests typically bring gifts, play games, and mingle.

The atmosphere is usually pretty relaxed, and the outfits depend on a few factors, including the venue, weather, and whether or not there’s a dress code.

New York City-based wardrobe stylist Morgan Bienvenue recommends reading the invitation closely for more clues. Ask yourself: is the bridal shower during the day or at night? Does the invite reflect the couple’s personalities and seem low-key? The answers to these and similar questions may further inform your decision about what to wear.

“Some of the activities … at a bridal shower might require you to wear something more comfortable and be easy to move in,”  Bienvenue noted. “If you’re a close family member or friend to the couple, I might also anticipate the probability of sitting on the floor at some point to collect wrapping paper from opening gifts.”

If the bridal shower leans more traditional, attendees can opt for something sweet but a bit dramatic that gives off a hint of surprise or edge.

“An A-line dress or circle skirt with a knit top combination comes to mind, especially in a bold color or with interesting embellishments,” Bienvenue said. “Another route you can take is a sweater dress with kitten heels and cute accessories, like ’90s-style square frame sunglasses and campy hair clips.”

But if guests want to keep it simple, they can choose a timeless look; for example, a silk midi slip dress, complete with a black blazer and heels or knee-high boots.

Ultimately, it’s about celebrating love, friendship, and the excitement of the upcoming wedding, and the ultimatum the Redditor received might suggest that there are bigger issues between her and the bride-to-be.

Image credits: Zoriana Stakhniv / unsplash (not the actual photo)

As her story went viral, the maid of honor provided more information in the comments

People unanimously said that she did nothing wrong

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