Sam Asghari, an Iranian-American fitness trainer, model, actor, and ex-husband of Britney Spears, had humble beginnings. Born in Iran, he left his family in 2006 and moved to the US. After a football career, he pursued a criminal justice degree, causing depression and reliant on junk food.


Sam Asghari, a fitness trainer, changed his unhealthy lifestyle and lost nearly 100 pounds in six months. He gained modeling and acting opportunities, including appearing in Spears’ music video. Asghari also shifted his eating habits, allocating 25% of his meals to protein, 25% to carbohydrates, and 15% to vegetables.


Asghari, a model, lost 3% of his body fat and developed a weight loss obsession. He realized he needed to increase his body fat percentage. However, he also wanted to change his appearance, as seen in a dentist’s photo of his teeth, revealing decay before undergoing a transformation.

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