Photographing moments is a treasured method of keeping life’s happy occasions preserved.

Families frequently hire professional photographers to capture their special moments, and then post the photos on social media so that their loved ones may enjoy, like, and comment on them.

A typical family portrait went viral recently for an odd reason. At first glance, the picture of a father, a mother holding a newborn, two sisters, and a dog seemed innocent. On closer examination, viewers did, however, spot an odd element that left many perplexed.

The younger sister is being hugged by an unidentified arm from the left side of the image. There is a lot of discussion about the origin of the mystery limb on the internet. Some people believe there is a ghost there, while others think the photo was altered digitally.

Whatever the real story behind the perplexing image, it has garnered a lot of interest from internet users and gone viral very rapidly. Examine it for yourself and share your thoughts on the mystery. What theories do you have to explain the weird appendage?

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