Marriage is the union of two hearts. The union of two hearts is celebrated at a wedding.

Every woman imagines the ideal wedding, and every guy desires to wed the woman of his dreams. A couple from Oklahoma just got married in a way they never anticipated.

Pam and Jeremy Salda, who both hail from Oklahoma City, have been dating since August 2020. When they discovered that face masks were no longer required on airplanes in 2022, they jokingly discussed escaping together and “eloping” to Las Vegas.

They immediately scheduled flights for just the two of them to Las Vegas so they could get married at 9:00 PM on April 24. On their mobile devices, they also made hotel reservations and connecting flights. Pam ordered a cheap wedding dress online out of spontaneity.

Canceled flight makes couple decide to marry inside the airplane headed to Las Vegas

The couple kept their plan from relatives and friends, according to a Southwest Airlines employee. The airline posted its tale and lovely pictures on Facebook. Pam and Jeremy made light of the idea of getting married in Vegas last Tuesday.

They quickly concluded that the other wasn’t kidding and booked a trip on one of our rivals for Sunday with a wedding chapel reservation for Sunday night in Vegas.

When the couple arrived at DFW on Sunday from OKC, they discovered their connection to LAS had been canceled. But their bad luck stopped at that point, according to the post’s description.

Canceled flight makes couple decide to marry inside the airplane headed to Las Vegas

The pair boarded their flight to DFW wearing their wedding dress without waiting another day. They promptly boarded their connecting aircraft to Las Vegas after arriving, only to learn that it had been canceled.

The upbeat pair discussed how they may still make it to their scheduled wedding on time while they were waiting at the airport. After hearing their touching story, Chris, another traveler, offered to join them on a Southwest Airlines flight to Las Vegas.

They quickly made their way to Dallas Love Field where they were fortunate to snag the last three seats on the plane.

They were fortunate that Chris, an ordained priest, offered to marry them when they got to Las Vegas. As Pam and Jeremy boarded the aircraft, several passengers in the boarding area wished them luck. The flight’s captain, Captain Gil, observed the pair was dressed in their wedding garb and questioned Pam about it.

Canceled flight makes couple decide to marry inside the airplane headed to Las Vegas

A Southwest Airline spokesperson said, “She related their story to him and joked that perhaps they should get married on this flight.” The captain’s response of “Let’s do it!” caught her off guard.

Crew members used snack bags strung together with strings to create a shoulder “binder” for the bride and groom, and toilet paper for streamers to decorate the lodge.

One passenger performed a wedding march as the bride went down the aisle, and other passengers helped establish the mood by turning on the call lights on the aircraft. Julie, a flight attendant, stepped in as her bridesmaid.

Another passenger presented a doughnut as a wedding cake, while one passenger pulled out an empty notebook that acted as a guest list for everyone on board to sign.

Canceled flight makes couple decide to marry inside the airplane headed to Las Vegas

Fortunately, a passenger who works in broadcasting and is a professional photographer was traveling. He offered to snap the couple’s wedding photos and used 4K video equipment to record the entire event.

Passengers pulled out their smartphones to record the touching moment as Pam walked down the aisle holding a bouquet in her hand. During the ceremony, the passengers were cheering them on, and the couple was impressed.

The wedding ceremony, which took place at a height of 37,000 feet (about 11,280 meters), went off without a hitch.

Canceled flight makes couple decide to marry inside the airplane headed to Las Vegas

The entire flight crew on Flight 2690 was “extremely happy” to witness the couple’s special day, a Southwest Airlines official told The Epoch Times. We congratulate the newlyweds and send our best wishes to them as they begin their new life as a married couple. It’s a good life.

Pam and Jeremy will proceed with the marriage ceremony they had initially scheduled for the upcoming month of August in Mexico. Chris, the Flight 2690 crew, as well as friends and family, are invited this time.

Since the pictures were posted to Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page, they have received 370K likes, 29K comments, and 84K shares.

I adore this! have a long history of using Southwest. Without a doubt the greatest with wonderful crew that make the flights enjoyable! I appreciate everything you do. an individual wrote in the comment area.

Someone else commented, “Pam Tastic.” Congratulations!!! This was incredible!

I adore it all! A lifetime of happiness is sent your way. Southwest Airlines deserves to be commended for letting the world know about this. It’s worthwhile to view this. What a fantastic tale!

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