Candace Cameron Bure has captivated audiences worldwide since her early days as a child actress, and in recent years, she’s become known not only for her roles but also for her commitment to her faith. With an active presence on social media, Candace often shares glimpses of her life, including special moments with her family. However, a recent picture she posted from a wedding sparked some controversy.

In the photo, Candace, along with her daughter Natasha, donned vibrant red dresses, while her husband Valeri Bure and younger son Lev Bure looked dashing in suits. Notably, wearing red to a wedding isn’t conventional, prompting some users to voice their opinions.

One commenter expressed concern that red might overshadow the bride, to which Candace responded, citing the different style norms in Los Angeles with a playful wink emoji. Another commenter echoed the sentiment, stating that red is typically considered a no-no at weddings. Candace reiterated that in Los Angeles, fashion rules are more flexible, noting that several other women at the wedding were also wearing red.

Criticism wasn’t limited to the color choice, as some remarked on her husband and son’s decision to forgo socks with their suits. Candace defended their style choices, asserting that people have diverse tastes and it’s not necessary to impose one’s opinions on others.


Faced with the barrage of negative comments, Candace expressed her frustration, urging commenters to mind their manners and refrain from detracting from the joy of sharing on social media.

Despite the backlash, Candace remains resolute in asserting her family’s fashion choices. Whether or not you agree with their wedding attire, it’s clear that Candace values individual expression and won’t hesitate to stand up for her family’s decisions.

What’s your take on their wedding attire? Share your thoughts in the comments and spark a discussion among friends and family about the importance of respecting personal style choices.

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