The disturbing admission came during an interrogation

Cannibal claims he had an 'agreement' with his victim to eat him after death

Warning: This article contains details some readers may find disturbing

A cannibal killer who murdered a man he met off Grindr claimed they had an ‘agreement’ for him to eat his victim.

Kevin Bacon, 25, was murdered on Christmas Eve in 2019 by Mark Latunski in a case that is as disturbing as it is tragic.

The two had met over Grindr and met up at Latunski’s house in Michigan.

It would only be the next morning that Bacon was reported missing when he didn’t show up for a family Christmas breakfast.

On December 28, Bacon’s body was found in Latunski’s basement after a friend told police that Bacon had gone to meet somebody off Grindr.

Kevin Bacon was murdered by Mark Latunski in 2019. Credit - A&E

Kevin Bacon was murdered by Mark Latunski in 2019. Credit – A&E

Police found Bacon hanging by ankles with a stab wound in his back and a sliced throat.

In December 2022, Latunski would be sentenced to life in jail without parole.

An A&E documentary released last year shed light on the gruesome case and gave viewers a look into Latunski’s state of mind.

In police interview footage obtained by A&E, the 50-year-old man is seen in the interrogation room.

Talking to the detectives, Latunski said: “I’ve never done this before, I’ve never done this before.

“We chatted for a while. He described the things that he wanted. And we made the agreement, and he was supposed to disappear. Be gone.”

The investigators are shown pushing him for more details about their so-called ‘agreement’.

Mark Latunski was interrogated about the death of Kevin Bacon. Credit - A&E

Mark Latunski was interrogated about the death of Kevin Bacon. Credit – A&E

Latunski elaborated: “I would make his body disappear. And you know, we talked about, several things.

“Part of the process was turning, you know, what portions of his body could be used or gotten.

“You know, turning his bones into bone meal and turning them into something that would grow tulips for his family.”

Once Bacon was dead, Latunski revealed his next steps.

“I did what I said I was going to do,” he explained. “I took his balls. I cut them out, I took them upstairs and I ate them.”

At his trial, Latunski would plead guilty to murder and mutilation of a body.

Bacon’s parents, Karl and Hannah, had a statement read out at his sentencing.

“In your sick, twisted mind, you probably don’t think you did anything wrong,” Hannah wrote, “This Christmas, I hope you suffer like we have.”

Latunski had previously been married to a woman, with whom he had two children. He had his visitation rights withdrawn from him in August 2019.

“[Mark Latunski] has a history of mental illness and has been hospitalized in the Owosso Mental Stress unit … [and] has a history of going off his medication,” the motion filed by his ex-wife stated.

According to court records, Latunski also stopped taking his medication to treat his mental illnesses.

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