A father’s children were left in shock when a startling discovery was made during his funeral. When they got there, they expected to carry on his legacy, but to their surprise, the only person to benefit from his estate was a total stranger. The mystery: What made the father abandon his family members?

After learning that her late husband had left her a $25,000 fortune, the widow was presented with an ethical conundrum.

The spouse’s offspring, who had persistently disregarded her, had anticipated receiving a bequest and conveyed their disappointment upon discovering they were not the recipients. As an alternative, the wife decided to give the cash to a generous waitress who had helped the couple during her husband’s illness. The couple had grown to regard the waitress, a single mother working and attending college, as a daughter.

Even though the wife’s daughter was disappointed not to get an inheritance, she respected her mother’s choice because she knew she had a stable income. The children and ex-wife of the husband expressed significant opposition to the money’s distribution, calling the wife unkind. The woman started a discussion on the AITA subreddit by asking for advice on whether or not her actions were morally acceptable.


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