The chat show host didn’t stop at putting sauce on wings when he joined Sean Evans for the challenge

Conan O'Brien's chaotic appearance on Hot Ones is being called the show's 'best episode ever'

Conan O’Brien has taken the internet by storm with a completely chaotic performance on an episode of First We Feast’s Hot Ones.

Thanks to his jobs on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, viewers usually see the host as the one asking the questions and keeping things under control. To an extent, at least.

Conan O'Brien managed to keep his cool for a while. (YouTube/First We Feast)

Conan O’Brien managed to keep his cool for a while. (YouTube/First We Feast)

But O’Brien really let lose when he sat down with Sean Evans to take part in the show where celebrities eat increasingly spicy chicken wings, while simultaneously being grilled about their lives and careers.

The presenter appeared on the YouTube show this week, and it immediately became clear that he was going to bring a certain level of chaos as it opened with a clip of him mocking anyone who might be fearful of eating the spicy wings.

“You don’t know what real danger looks like any more,” he said.

O’Brien then got things off to an unusual start when he invited his personal doctor on to the show to take his temperature, before quickly kicking him off again.

When it came to actually eating the wings, O’Brien started off confident, despite previously claiming he was ‘terrible with hot food’.

After scoffing down a few wings with no issues, he declared: “I don’t think there’s a wing here that I can’t eat like it’s ice cream. Seriously, I don’t think there’s a wing on this table that I cannot devour like it’s cool whipped cream!”

He soon shared his regrets. (YouTube/First We Feast)

He soon shared his regrets. (YouTube/First We Feast)

To be fair to him, O’Brien put his money where his mouth was as he liberally applied hot sauce to a wing and even took multiple swigs from the bottle before carrying on with the interview like nothing had happened.

In between all of this, he also kept having regular visits from his on-hand doctor.

Later, O’Brien made Evans exclaim with shock as he licked the hot sauce from the wing and shouted: “Are we doing this or not? What’s the point of even being alive if we don’t do this?”

Looking back, however, he admitted he regretted being so liberal with the sauce.

With sauce all over his face, he later insisted, somewhat maniacally: “I’m fine! I’m perfectly f**king fine!”

O’Brien’s entire performance has completely captivated viewers, with many taking to X to share their highlights from the episode.

“Couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard,” one user wrote, while another posted: “This may have been the best episode of hot ones I’ve ever seen. Conan is a national treasure.”

Here’s hoping O’Brien has recovered from all that hot sauce by now.

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