Common police dogs working in the force are big, tough-looking breeds, such as the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. However, photos released online with a Corgi joining the police in China have raised the question, “Are Corgis capable of doing the job?”

A Corgi from Shandong Province joined the police force and instantly became an internet celebrity. He also attracted much attention from netizens due to the “special treatment” he received while training for the force. The Public Security Bureau of Weifang City, Shandong Province, introduced the first-ever Corgi, Fu Zai,” at a police camp open day event. He was only 6 months old and was ready to undergo training for some time to adapt and complete training tasks. After completion, he can be officially put to work.

A younger Fu Zai.

Fu Zai’s trainer has revealed how the lovable pup was recruited. When the dog trainer saw Fu Zai playing with his owner one day, he took the initiative to tease the Corgi pup. During their interaction, he discovered that the Fu Zai had the qualities that matched a police dog. During his training sessions, Fu Zai displayed these unique advantages. He had strong adaptability to the environment, insensitivity, strong possessiveness of objects, and loves to eat, which were useful for training.

The police force stated that Fu Zai’s performance surpassed many police dogs when he was only 2 months old! After 4 months of training, he can use his short legs to fit under cars and search for suspicious objects in narrow crevices in cars and homes. He passed all the drills during training. It is these capabilities of Fu Zai that made him a strong candidate for the police force.

A few days ago, the police and their canine partners patrolled the streets. The dogs were walking beside their handlers while Fu Zai was carried by his partner using a baby carrier.

Fu Zai’s partner explained that they originally let the Corgi walk on his own beside him. However, his legs were too short. The other police dogs needed to walk 10,000 steps when Fu Zai needed 50,000, causing him to fall behind. He had no choice but to carry the Corgi, resulting in the fact that Fu Zai enjoyed the “honorable treatment” privilege. 😆
Fu Zai is an excellent police dog preparatory student.

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