In Alaska, JN and Stephanie creatively repurposed retired airplanes into a unique lodging experience, combining a flight school with overnight accommodation. The aircraft house, featuring a Boeing 727 and DC9, offers guests a one-of-a-kind stay. Despite buying the hulls cheaply, transportation costs pushed the investment over $100,000 each.

Their innovative support system involved driving 7-inch piles 20 feet underground to secure the aircraft, ensuring stability against earthquakes and strong winds. Inside, the 700-square-foot space includes a mudroom, living area, and original cockpit with flight controls linked to Microsoft’s simulator.

While costs surpassed half a million per aircraft, the result offers unparalleled comfort. The space, equipped with amenities like a cockpit coffee station, promises an unforgettable experience. Despite high expenses, JN and Stephanie prioritize delivering a remarkable stay, emphasizing comfort and safety.

In crafting this space, expenses can exceed $600,000 per aircraft. However, the outcome is a living area that guarantees an exceptional and worry-free stay, making it an exclusive and captivating option for visitors to Alaska.
Take a look inside the airplane house by watching the video below!

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