It might be challenging to raise kids in a modern environment. Young parents must deal with criticism of their parenting methods from total strangers online in addition to guidance from family members.

Jordan Driskell had five quintuplets while he was a young parent. Five-year-old quintuplets are his offspring. Raising five children of the same age can be extremely difficult, as you can probably guess. particularly when a child is five years old, curious, and likes to explore.

Jordan Driskell, a 31-year-old parent, made the decision to come up with an original solution to his issue. To control his boisterous young children when they accompany him in public, Dad purchased kid-sized leashes.

Driskell’s huge family previously utilized a stroller with six seats. But that quickly got old since the kids would be bothered when they were inside. Another huge inconvenience was taking the stroller somewhere.

This keeps the young children safe by allowing them to wander and investigate their surroundings while the family is out. It also prevents their father from losing sight of or control over them.

When Driskell posted a video of the family’s aquarium excursion, the parents came under heavy fire. More than 3 million people have viewed the viral video depicting the kids on leashes. Many others said that the children shouldn’t have been on leashes since they weren’t animals.

“Don’t have so many kids if you can’t handle the pressure,” said one commenter.

Some mockingly advised, “Can’t you just properly train your children?” Talk to them about the dangers of running away.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, an expert in adolescent development and parenting, had a different opinion. She rejects the idea that your child will feel more like an animal if they wear a leash. If staying at home is your sole option, then obviously walking with a leash is a far better option.

Dr. Gilboa says a leash is a great way to keep young toddlers or children with neurological problems under control when they’re out in public. She did, however, caution that if a neurotypical child is not self-sufficient by the ages of eight or nine and has not, therefore, improved their listening skills.

At that point, parents should be able to speak with their children face-to-face without using gadgets like leashes.

Parents need to be able to raise their children as they see fit without having to worry about unwarranted social criticism.

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It should be acceptable for parents to raise their children how they see fit without fear of unjustified social condemnation.

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