Julia Roberts, renowned for her roles in box office hits like “Pretty Woman,” has embraced a new role as a stay-at-home mom since having her children. Stepping away from the spotlight of Hollywood, she has dedicated herself to her family, which includes her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, and their twins, Hazel and Phinneas, along with their son, Henry.

Embracing the responsibilities of homemaking, Julia finds immense fulfillment in her new role. She starts her day by cooking breakfast for her family, tackling household chores, and preparing meals, which fills her days with purpose and productivity. Reflecting on her pre-motherhood days, she acknowledges that she now appreciates the value of time much more, realizing that she once had spare time she didn’t fully utilize.

Despite the joy she finds in caring for her family, Julia admits that some days can feel monotonous, like any other mom or wife might experience. However, she approaches each day with a positive attitude, acknowledging that while some days are more enjoyable than others, it’s all part of the routine of family life.

While Julia has taken a step back from acting, she hasn’t retired from the industry entirely. She remains open to compelling projects that pique her interest, though she may require more convincing to take on new roles. When she finds a project with an intriguing plot or character, she still feels the temptation to return to the screen.

Remarkably, Julia has kept her Hollywood fame a secret from her children for a considerable time, allowing them to grow up without fully realizing their mother’s celebrity status. Immersed in her role as a mom and homemaker, she has created a nurturing and grounded environment for her family, prioritizing their well-being above all else.

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