If you’ve ever had water in your ear, you know how painful it can be. It not only hurts your hearing, but it can also be painful and uncomfortable.

She didn’t clean her ears for 15 years because she was afraid of getting water in them. Over time, the increase of wax started to make it hard for her to hear.

In Phu Tho Province, she went to see a doctor about her hearing loss. The doctor looked inside her ears. He couldn’t believe how much wax he saw.

The doctor, Tuan, started taking the wax out of the woman’s ear right away. He scraped off as much wax as he could with something that looked like a hook. The doctor filmed the process with a small camera.

You can hear the woman making noises in the film. It sounds like the procedure hurt a bit. Luckily, it only took four minutes to do everything. In just a few minutes, the doctor was able to get rid of all the wax and dirt that had built up.

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This woman will definitely be able to hear a lot better now that her ear tube isn’t completely blocked. She might be shocked at how loud it is now!

See how the doctor got rid of 15 years’ worth of wax buildup in the video below.

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