Doctors removed a huge sac from the child’s face. What they found under it shocked them. What does he look like now??

The parents’ concerns for their son’s health must have been very great.

When 46-year-old Valeka Riegel held her newborn baby for the first time, she was taken aback. The mother was unable to even see her infant’s eyes because of the large bag that covered the majority of his face.

After the initial ultrasound check, when they saw a large bag on the unborn kid’s face, the parents became worried about the health of their unborn child.

According to medical professionals, Valeka’s child has encephalocele, a rare congenital condition where a portion of the brain is located outside the skull as a result of a bone tissue problem. Just 1 in 12,200 babies in the US are born with this condition each year, according to the US Centers for condition Control and Prevention (CDC – Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Valeka broke down in tears the moment she laid eyes on her baby Zachary.

She said to Faith Tap, “I just saw a big protrusion and tiny little lips. I didn’t see his eyes, his eyelashes, his nose.”

With that kind of perspective, it’s obvious that his life would be extremely challenging, weighed down by the responsibilities of other kids and the glancing looks from adults.

Little Zachary was entirely healthy overall, but for breathing and feeding issues brought on by a congenital abnormality. After being brought to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the bag on his face was medically removed by 22 skilled medical professionals.

The ecstatic Valeka was finally allowed to look at her son, whose condition no longer prohibited him from leading a full life, after a protracted and challenging operation. After the sac was removed, the young child was able to breathe and eat without any issues. Valeka could not contain her pleasure when she witnessed her son’s amazing development.


I sobbed because I was unaware of his stunning long lashes and large brown eyes. His face was attractive.”

Little Zachary, according to her, initially had trouble understanding where the object had disappeared from his face.

He would repeatedly slap his face throughout the first few days, as if to indicate, “Hold on, I can’t see or feel her!”

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