Since the Cybertruck finally landed on roads towards the end of 2023, it has hardly left the headlines.

The futuristic Tesla vehicle dropped into the garages of the lucky few before the New Year, with car junkies extremely excited to get behind the wheel of their new electric trucks.

However, reports of problems with Cybertrucks have been extremely common, with many frustrated owners venting their frustration on social media.

And that is particularly surprising considering the Tesla vehicle was delayed multiple times before it came to market.

When did Tesla originally aim to release the Cybertruck?

Production for the Cybertruck was originally planned to commence in late 2021, before it was later pushed back to sometime in 2022.

Tesla owner and founder Elon Musk pushed the roadmap further into 2023, with the founder confirming in January that the Cybertruck won’t enter full volume production until sometime this year.

What caused the delays?

While delays are always a disappointment, particularly if you are looking forward to something, Musk did provide answers.

The founder has always maintained that the Cybertruck’s delay was down to Tesla having enough on its plate trying to satisfy the demand for its popular Model 3 and Model Y.

Issues reported by Cybertruck drivers

Like I said, there has been no shortage of Cybertruck complaints since the vehicle hit the market in November 2023.

And on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, one owner has accused Tesla of ‘rushing out’ Cybertrucks after claiming they’re malfunctioning at an ‘astonishing rate’.

In a thread titled “Worst delivery in my life (truck died in 5 minutes),” a Californian based owner has claimed they had problems with the Cybertruck almost instantly after buying it.

“[I] made it 1 mile down road, started getting steering error, flashing red screen, pulled off side of highway now the truck is dead and I’m waiting for a tow truck,” they wrote.

The owner continued: “Dealer couldn’t do anything for me. It was great for 5 minutes.. tried everything, restarting, screen is stuck black and keeps beeping. Tesla really rushed these trucks out, what a nightmare.”

What has Elon Musk said on the matter?

Elon Musk is actually yet to release an official statement on the problems reported.

However, he has responded to one owner complaining of an issue on his very own X platform.

“This is single handedly the worst gap I’ve seen on any door period. It’s a bummer THIS is what was on @MKBHD AWD Foundation Series Cybertruck door that he is reviewing… dang it,” one user penned.

This led to the Tesla founder responding, saying: ” Not a ‘door fit’ issue. About 15 Cybertrucks in service had an issue where the door striker loosened in the field, due to insufficient torque after door fit.

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