Dwayne Johnson tells fan to 'watch your f***ing mouth' as he gets into altercation

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Dwayne Johnson turned heads during a recent appearance at WrestleMania after getting into a verbal altercation with a fan

Before pivoting to Hollywood fame, the wrestling icon was widely known for his withering put downs of opponents.

Whether it was in the ring or outside, you could be sure that The Rock could deliver a verbal smackdown just as well as a physical one.

The WWE even put together a half hour compilation of some of The Rock’s choicest verbal putdowns over the years for viewers to revisit.

The Rock squares off against John Cena. Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The Rock squares off against John Cena. Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

Of course, it’s as much a part of the show as the wrestling itself, with wrestlers exchanging insults before meeting in the ring.

But one fan also got a taste of that as The Rock was walking out for WrestleMania.

The brave, or perhaps foolhardy, fan shouted out at The Rock as he passed by.

So, what did he say to the iconic wrestler?

As The Rock was walking out, the fan boldly shouted out that ‘Cody’s coming for you’.

The wrestler’s head turned as he focussed his attention onto the fan, who returned his gaze as the Rock asked him: “What was that?”

He repeated: “Cody’s coming for ya.”

The Rock's heated exchange with a fan. WWE

The Rock’s heated exchange with a fan. WWE

One transcript of the interaction then has The Rock asking ‘What was all before that’, to which the fan replied ‘you sold out’.

At this point, The Rock replied: “That’s right, That’s what I f*cking thought. Watch your f*cking mouth,” before striding off.

People took to social media to share their thoughts on the interaction.

One wrote: “Got shook when Rock questioned him. He didn’t wanna be that guy who got his ass whooped before Cody.”

Another posted: “He’s all talk until the great one steps in and confronts him,” and a third commented: “That fan better be lucky the whole Bloodline wasn’t with the Rock Lol.”

It wasn’t the only time that The Rock got strong with his language during Wrestlemania, his first time back in the ring in eight years.

The 51-year-old’s rumble saw him getting heated with a referee, who had boasted of his influence.

During the match, The Rock told the referee not to count anybody out, or else he would be ‘fired’, adding: “I’m not f**king around!”

In the end the WWE opted to mute the rest of the conversation as The Rock’s tirade continued.

The Rock is no stranger to using some choice language during his matches, telling Rhodes during an episode of RAW: “This is what happens when you f**k with The Final Boss!”

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