Emily Blunt, 41, proved once again why she’s not just a force to be reckoned with on the screen but also a beloved figure for her humor and grace off-screen.

The actress stepped onto the 2024 Oscars red carpet in a beaded, champagne-colored gown from Schiaparelli’s spring 2024 couture show, complete with what can only be described as “floating straps.”

Internet users were particularly puzzled by the floating straps, which led to mixed reactions online. Some viewers even felt they were “distracted” by the straps.

“Why won’t her straps sit on her shoulders?!” the Internet asked about her dress at the 2024 Oscars

“Is anyone else as fascinated by Emily Blunt’s dress as I am?” one person wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Why won’t her straps sit on her shoulders?!” another comment said, while someone else added, “I’m so distracted by the shoulders on Emily Blunt’s dress.”

Another joked, “Find someone who will respect your personal space the way the straps on Emily Blunt’s dress respects hers.”

Here’s what some others had to say about the floating straps of her dress

Following the bewildering commentary online about her dress, the Oppenheimer actress was seen in a video having a moment of fun with the floating straps.

Emily’s playful video showcased how fashion, at its heart, is meant to be fun, expressive, and sometimes even outlandish.

While the video didn’t explain how the floating straps worked, it certainly managed to make fans share a few laughs with her.

Emily’s playful video showed how fashion can be fun and expressive

Several users commented with the crying-with-laughter emoji.

“This is trippy as hell,” one commented, while another added, “This is so cute.”

“That’s it and that’s all lmao,” another added.

“This is actually funny,” another said.

“Take that, haters,” said one comment.

Emily’s stylist, Jessica Paster, said that the outfit for The Devil Wears Prada actress was only finalized on the morning of the 96th Academy Awards.

“I think when you decide what you want to wear, I think something happens. It depends on your mood,” Jessica told Vanity Fair.

Emily’s stylist, Jessica Paster, defended the dress and said, “Do I care what anybody else has to say? Absolutely not.”

Jessica said she narrowed the outfit options down to three. “One was colorful, one was diaphanous, one was white,” she told the outlet.

She also defended the outfit choice and said Emily has reached a point in her career where it’s absolutely okay for her to have “fun with fashion.”

“Sometimes we don’t play it safe. At this point of years of being with Emily, we can go have fun with fashion,” she added. “Did I know that people were going to talk about the shoulder? Absolutely. Do I care what anybody else has to say? Absolutely not. Me? I think that people that know fashion, like fashion, like things that are interesting, were going to like it and I know the people that like some things that are very classic were not going to like it. At the end of the day, she looked absolutely beautiful. It was such a beautiful dress.”

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