Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got married quickly in Las Vegas in 2022. Now, there are rumors that the couple may be breaking up, which is very scary.

Keep reading to find out more about the proof.

Several news sources say that Ben Affleck has been living at a house without his wife Jennifer Lopez. The reporters saw him leave the house he is living in by himself.

A man was seen leaving and entering a home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, that he has been living in without his wife, Lopez. It is said that the star has also been spending the night there by people who have seen him.

Early this week, InTouch said that Lopez and Affleck are no longer together. The story also said that Affleck seemed to have left their Beverly Hills home together. There is no proof that the actor has moved out of that house, but it looks like Affleck has been living in his Brentwood home for the past week.

They have both been seen wearing their wedding rings, though, during this whole time. Recent events have seen both of them on their own, but Ben was clearly missing from Lopez’s side at the Met Gala last week.

The reason he wasn’t there was because he had to miss work because he was making “The Accountant 2.” That being said, Affleck was seen at Tom Brady’s party in L.A. the night before the Met Gala. Now, Lopez has been seen by reporters out and about in L.A. without her husband.

Lopez was also seen house hunting earlier this week with her longtime partner in production. At first, people thought she was looking for a house to live in with her husband. Now, though, they’re wondering if the house was really just for her to live in by herself.

The last picture of the two of them together was taken in New York City in March. Since then, there has been no picture of them together.

Regarding Affleck, Ben lives in Brentwood, the same neighborhood where Jennifer Garner, his ex-wife and mother of his three children, also resides. It has also been said that Affleck has been going to his kids’ events with Garner, which could be another reason for him living in Brentwood: he wants to be close to his kids and be there for them as their father at their big events.

There has been no public word from Jennifer Lopez or Ben Affleck about this.

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