Facebook Messenger has just received a massive new update and it’s something people have been requesting for years.

Meta, launched by Mark Zuckerberg, is behind some of the most used social media platforms – such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

If you were old enough to have Facebook before 2011, you might remember that Messenger was once part of the Facebook website.

But now you are probably more familiar with the popular app – which has roughly 2.7 billion users, as per Statista.

And now its new update has been rolled out and it includes a feature that people have been desperate for.

Messenger logo.

A statement has been posted by Meta in which the company promises to make a ‘safe and authentic space for private and meaningful conversations’.

It reads: “Messenger elevates your Facebook connections by creating a safe and authentic space for private and meaningful conversations.

“Whether it is sharing a Reel you saw with your best friend, going deeper with people you met through a Facebook Group or Marketplace, reacting to a Story your friend shared, or simply reaching out to say hi – Messenger brings you closer to the people and interests that make your world.

“Continuing on the drumbeat of elevating your messaging experience, we’re excited to start the rollout of a number of new sharing and connection features to make your private conversations and connections even better.”

So what are these new Messenger features? Let’s take a look:

Send your photos in high-definition

You’ll now be able to send friends and family the best quality images possible.

o do this, you select an image from your chat composer, then turn the HD toggle on and tap Send.

You can also send multiple pictures by pressing on additional photos to send multiple in HD, then tap Send.

Add new connections using a QR code

You can now make new connections by scanning a QR code.

To access this, go to your account Settings and tap the QR code icon at the top. From there, they can scan your code using their device’s camera, or you can share a link by tapping Share.

Messenger QR Codes.
You’ll now be able to make connections by scanning a QR code. Credit: Meta

Send files up to 100MB right from your phone 

We’ve all been there when we’ve wanted to send someone a picture or a video, only for a message to pop up and say that it has failed due to the file being too large.

Fortunately, with the new update this will no longer be an issue as you can send files up to 100MB from your phone.

Meta explains: “When you’re in a Messenger chat, tap the + button and then select a file up to 100MB. All major file formats are supported, including Word, PDF and Excel.”

Person texting.
The new update is going to make chatting with your friends a whole lot easier. Credit: Alamy

While all these new features are exciting, the final update is the one people have been asking for the most…

Create shared albums with friends

Whether you are sharing images from a special occasion or from a holiday, deciding where you’re going to store these pictures is always a hot topic.

Some will opt for the old-fashioned method of printing the images and putting them in a photo album.

But if you are more in tune with modern technology, you’ll probably prefer sending them across Messenger.

However, you are often left with numerous unorganised pictures.

Messenger shared albums.
You’ll now be able to easily organise photos you send through Messenger. Credit: MetaSo with this new feature, you’ll be able to bunch them all together in a shared album with your friends.To do this, Meta explains that you select multiple pictures from your chat and then tap Create Album.

Alternatively, you can long press on a photo and then tap Create Album.

“From there, everyone in the chat can view, add, delete and download pictures and videos from the album,” Meta adds. “To locate the album at any time, tap on your group chat name then tap Media.”

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