Fans were left wondering if Nelly Furtado is doing okay after a video of her taking a tumble at Coachella has recently gone viral.

On April 14, footage of Nelly Furtado taking to the Sahara Stage on Weekend 1 of Coachella started circulating all over social media after the star had an accident in front of hundreds of people.

Fan-recorded clips show the pop star getting the crowd pumped up when she suddenly trips over something lying on the stage and takes a nasty stumble.

Have a look at the video below:

Thankfully, the star landed on her hands and managed to regain her composure almost immediately – as you would expect of a professional like Furtado.

The original footage was reposted by the popular news account Pop Crave on X where hundreds of fans left their well wishes for the singer.

“That sounds like an unfortunate situation for Nelly Furtado at Coachella. Here’s hoping she’s alright!” wrote one user.

Another user said: “I hope she’s okay.”

A third was also concerned writing: “Damn. That’s gotta hurt.”

Others also commended the star for getting back up.

“This can happen to anyone. Sending hugs… It takes a lot of courage to continue performing after something like this.”


Credit: Instagram


After the performance, the 45-year-old took to Instagram to let her fans know that she was doing okay, even making a little joke at her expense.

“Literally left it all on the stage… including my blood,” she wrote alongside a video of her finger, which was bleeding as a result of the accident.

Despite the little injury, Furtado seemed in good spirits as she laughed and said: “This Barbie likes to rave.”


Credit: Instagram

Furtado’s Coachella performance almost a year after the star announced that she would be making a return to music after taking a step back for a few years.

It was all spurred on by Drake, who brought the ‘Maneater’ hitmaker out on stage for a surprise performance at OVO Fest in 2022.

“I’ve thanked [Drake] for dragging me out on that stage, because I haven’t looked back since,” she told Vogue of the mini comeback. “I was a little hesitant because it had been so long. I was literally at the zoo with my two toddlers that morning.”

Nelly Furtado performs at the Sahara Stage at the 2024 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival. Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty/Coachella


Her tune ‘Eat Your Man’, which she performed at Coachella, was inspired by the singer’s desire to do what she loves.

“I want to inspire other moms and women out there that, even in their 40s, you can re-embrace your talents and go for it,” she told the outlet. “Making music is the only thing that I’m really good at.”

We’re glad to see the star really making an impact in the industry!

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