Mariah Carey is one of the most famous singers of her time. She is 54 years old now and recently got a lot of attention for an outfit she wore. Let’s see why people are talking about her clothing choice…

Mariah Carey caught many eyes at a big event full of well-dressed celebrities. People noticed her because she wore a very bold outfit.

At the third annual Recording Academy Honors, Mariah wore a dress that some people thought was unusual. It was a cream-colored dress that fit her body closely. The dress had a corset with sheer caramel-colored tulle details. It looked very good on her.

The dress also had a deep neckline that showed off her figure in a way some people thought was not appropriate.

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While many fans loved Mariah Carey’s look, with one saying, “I like it,” and another saying the dress seemed to be “MADE for her,” not everyone felt the same way.

Some people thought the dress was not appropriate for someone her age. One person commented, “Maybe in the early ’90s, Mariah, but that’s not really something you should be wearing at 54.” Another person added, “At a certain age you just need to cover it up,” and a third said, “Someone needs to remind her that she’s 54, not 24.”


Mariah Carey is used to getting critical comments online. People often leave judgmental messages on her social media. In 2017, she posted pictures of herself with her then-boyfriend Bryan Tanaka on Instagram and got many mean comments about her weight.

One person wrote, “Mariah, you need to lose some weight because you’re starting to look like a whale.” Others said she looked “like a tease” and told her to “cover those airbags” or that she “looked gross.” Mariah has received many unfair comments like these over the years.


People always have a lot of opinions about what celebrities wear. However, what really matters is how the celebrity feels in their clothes. Mariah Carey has every right to wear a dress that some people might not like.

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