At the film’s premiere, Ryan Gosling generated controversy by drawing attention to his look and igniting discussions about cosmetic surgery in Hollywood among both fans and critics.

Gosling’s appearance during his film discussion caused attention on the internet to swiftly change. Social media was ablaze with criticism of his look. “What’s happening with Ryan Gosling’s face?” a user inquired simply. One person said, “He looks like he’s aged.”

There was a lot of conjecture regarding potential cosmetic improvements. Commentaries ranging from “He seems to have gone overboard with cheek fillers” to “Fillers have ruined his looks” suggested he may have had aesthetic procedures. Additionally, several suggested that Ryan Gosling had plastic surgery; one user said, “Looks like a plastic surgeon’s handiwork on his face.”

Among the commotion, several individuals even suggested that Gosling had changed in the pictures because of weight gain or other circumstances. Dr. Otto Placik, a cosmetic surgeon in Chicago who has not treated Gosling, made the following observation on the actor’s appearance: “It looks like he has noticeably fuller cheeks, possibly from fillers, fat, or implants.” When he smiles, the strange expression around the outer corners of his eyes also implies using Botox for the crow’s feet.

Ryan Gosling is still regarded as a reputable actor and cultural icon, despite the rumors and conjecture surrounding his looks. His situation is only one illustration of how public conversation is sparked by celebrity appearances.

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