Many people dream of having their perfect home, a place where they feel safe and happy. For some, this dream comes true without spending any money.

Julie and Eddie Flores from Kansas got lucky when they received an old Dutch colonial house in Lincoln for free. They have always loved old houses, so this was a dream come true.

The house looked rundown from the outside, with peeling paint and a damaged porch. But once they stepped inside, they found hidden treasures like beautiful hardwood floors and a charming staircase.

Even though they were happy in Kansas City, the house in Lincoln kept calling to them. They couldn’t stop thinking about the memories they could create there with their children.

When they learned that the house might be torn down if no one took it, they knew they had to act fast. The Lincoln County Hospital & Healthcare Foundation offered the house for free to anyone who would move it to a new location.

Julie and Eddie applied to be the new owners and were thrilled when they were chosen. They got legal documents to prove they owned the house, even though they didn’t pay anything for it.

They believe in fixing things rather than throwing them away, so they were excited to renovate the house. They shared their progress on social media to inspire others.

Their renovations included fixing the roof, removing the porches, and sealing up openings to protect the house during the move. They also found interesting things inside, like old playing cards and children’s handprints.

During the renovations, they faced challenges like pests and problems with building a new basement. Moving the house to its new location was also a big task, but they managed it safely.

Now, they’re working hard to finish the renovations while juggling family life and Eddie’s job as a nurse. They’ve spent around $95,000 on the house so far and hope to move in by Thanksgiving.

They’re also hiring local businesses for some tasks to support their community and help it grow. They believe that by saving their home, they can contribute to the revitalization of Lincoln.

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