Nobody believed in this woman’s idea, but the result was astonishing! 😱 The woman has transformed an old garage into a 3-story house with exquisite design 👏❤️ Get ready to be surprised ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Sometimes fantastic ideas emerge in people’s minds that surprise the whole world. Martha Nowicki is one of those individuals who actually managed to purchase an old garage in a good area and transform it into something absolutely beautiful.

Friends and acquaintances criticized her, but in just one year, she turned the garage into a house with an area of 126 square meters. Inside the house, there is much more than meets the eye from the outside. Martha bought a garage in London, where apartments are very expensive, so the woman didn’t even hesitate when she managed to buy at least that garage.

We want to inform you that Martha is a famous architect and immediately knew how to redesign the building. Martha wanted to keep the style authentic by removing the gate and installing a “secret” door that blends into the wall.

This way, the house retained the appearance of a two-story building. To make the house look like a traditional two-story building, one floor was deepened, leaving only small windows above the ground to let sunlight illuminate the space. A beautiful living room was set up with a wood stove, creating a special atmosphere of coziness.

But that’s not all: a part of the floor in each of the upper floors and the ceiling on the third floor are made of glass. These completely transparent islands ingeniously unite the multi-story space, giving the small space an airy feel. After completing the renovation, the architect gave a brief tour of the house.


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