Gary Burghoff, famously known for his role as Radar O’Reilly on the TV show MAS*H, recently became a grandfather. His son, Miles Burghoff, welcomed a baby girl named Rylee Elisabeth.

Miles, who shares his father’s passion for fishing, announced her birth with excitement on social media, calling her the “best 8-pounder” of his life.


Gary Burghoff has mostly stayed out of the spotlight after his days on MAS*H to focus on family, choosing parenting over further celebrity. Despite his significant role on the show, he left not seeking wealth but contentment in fatherhood.

He once shared in a People magazine interview, “You either want to be rich and famous, or you want to be a daddy. You can’t do both.” This choice led him to turn down potential TV roles in the 1980s for a quieter life in regional theater.


Burghoff’s career on MAS*H spanned seven seasons, where he played the naïve yet sharp company clerk from 1972 until 1983. He uniquely portrayed Radar in both the television series and its precursor film, making him a beloved character.

However, the demands of filming and his role’s impact on his family life caused him to reduce his appearances on the show, which culminated in his character’s poignant exit in the “Good-Bye Radar” episodes.

Post-MAS*H, Burghoff appeared in a few spin-offs and explored other creative outlets. He became an accomplished painter, specializing in North American wildlife scenes, which have been well received in art circles.

Gary Burghoff left his role as Radar on MAS*H to focus on being a dad, a role he values more than money or fame

In recent years, Burghoff supported community efforts like a GoFundMe campaign to aid California fire victims, showing his enduring commitment to helping others. His life post-MAS*H reflects a man who deeply values family and community, a stark contrast to the celebrity lifestyle he could have pursued.

Gary Burghoff’s journey from a TV star to a family man and community supporter illustrates a life well-lived beyond the camera’s flash. His story continues to inspire those who remember him as Radar and those who admire his artistic and philanthropic endeavors.

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